Helping You To Lead Well & Live Well

Kishshana & Co. advises organizations on how to recruit and retain a winning team, how to raise beaucoup funds for their mission, and for those who are new or haven't started, HOW TO START A NONPROFIT that gets funded. And we don't stop there! We make sure that you find time to take care of yourself - mentally, physically and spiritually so that you shine as a leader. 

In short, we help you lead well and live well. 

Our courses are designed with you - the busy (just a little frazzled) but awesome manager in mind. Take a class. Take a course. You'll be so glad you did! 

Kishshana & Co Inc: Standard Operating Procedure

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UpRooted 2020: Active Allyship

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The Rooted Retreat: UpRooted 2020

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Transform Your Team

The (very free because I love you) audio course that will jumpstart your team transformation TODAY!
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Building Relationships to Raise More Money

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Check In Magic: 1:1's That Work!

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Mastering Meetings

Learn how to plan meetings your team will actually attend and how to get the most out of meetings you don’t run.
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Kicking the Management Blues (Managing Through the Hard Stuff)

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Kish Camp - 2019 EDITION!

The (virtual) Camp experience (read: the most fun management mastermind EVER) for managers who want to grow and lead with confidence!
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Public Speaking 101 with Kishshana Palmer

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Delegating to Win

If you're tired of doing everything yourself but are afraid to let it go - this class is for you!
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Team Planning + Development

This webinar, Led by Kishshana Palmer, takes you through the nuts and bolts of how to start developing your team today!
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Create Your Own Story

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Social Good Starter Checklist

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Successful Prospect/Donor Meeting Cheat Sheet

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Managing Up (When Your Boss Doesn't Understand Fundraising)

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Hire Right The First Time

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501 See Profit

DIY your way to building and growing your non-profit organization!
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Dealing with Performance - Crucial Converstations

Having conversations about personality conflicts and performance issues is tough stuff. During this quick course, you’ll learn how to navigate even the most challenging situations with ease.
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Managing Rockstars

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