Kish Camp - 2019 EDITION!

Now is the time to light your fire and hone your skills.
You know as leaders we are always looking for ways to help our staff, but then we forget about ourselves. Come to the Virtual Camp for Manager Masters! 

What's included?

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KISH CAMP Guidebook Welcome.pdf
273 MB
Weekly Camp Fires Schedule
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Session One
Lesson One - Delegation that Wins
55 mins
Session Two
Lesson Two - Dealing with Performance
42 mins
Session Three
Lesson Three - Team Planning and Development
(1h 04m 21s)
Session Four
Session Four - Mastering Meetings
51 mins
Bonus Materials
Kish Camp Bonus - hire right the first time.pdf
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Kish Camp Bonus - Managing Intergenerational Teams.pdf
33 MB

Helping You To Lead Well & Live Well

Kishshana & Co. advises organizations on how to recruit and retain a winning team, how to raise beaucoup funds for their mission, and for those who are new or haven't started, HOW TO START A NONPROFIT that gets funded. And we don't stop there! We make sure that you find time to take care of yourself - mentally, physically and spiritually so that you shine as a leader. 

In short, we help you lead well and live well. 

Our courses are designed with you - the busy (just a little frazzled) but awesome manager in mind. Take a class. Take a course. You'll be so glad you did! 


Will I be able to use what I learn?

Up to you! What you learn at Kish Camp you will also get to practice at Kish Camp. Which means you’ll be able to use it at work immediately.

Why'd you pick these topics?

These are the big topics that managers stumble over but don’t want to tell anyone. So let’s fix that!

Is this a real camp experience?

Yes! But it’s virtual! You get all the benefits of camp - meeting new people, sitting around the campfire and activities without having to travel anywhere (and without the mosquitoes). Just make sure you have 2 hours each week to step outside your regular routine to come to Kish Camp

Will there be more camp sessions?

Yes but not until later this year! Get in while you can because your cohort is small so you'll get personalized attention from Kishshana!

Are these webinars?

Sort of. They are live (meaning I am there with you on camera) and since it’s an intimate session, you’ll get to interact with me and other management campers

Can I get a refund?

There are no refunds to Kish Camp but we DO strive to make sure you have the best experience EVER! Otherwise it’s not camp. The team at Kishshana & Co. will do whatever we need to make sure you are a happy camper.

Will I meet new people?

Yes! Virtual communities are growing fast and furiously and Kish Camp will be no exception. We will have a temporary Facebook group during camp for group questions, thoughts, support, and feedback. You'll be added once you register.