Managing Up (When Your Boss Doesn't Understand Fundraising) by Kishshana Palmer

Managing Up (When Your Boss Doesn't Understand Fundraising)

As a fundraiser, having a manager that “gets it” is the goal. But  If your boss is in the camp of "I don't need to know how to fundraise, that's why I hired YOU!”  They still have to understand some key things about your job. Take it from me! I've been there! And it can be frustrating. That’s why you need to manage up -- effectively. 

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Helping You To Lead Well & Live Well

Kishshana & Co. advises organizations on how to recruit and retain a winning team, how to raise beaucoup funds for their mission, and for those who are new or haven't started, HOW TO START A NONPROFIT that gets funded. And we don't stop there! We make sure that you find time to take care of yourself - mentally, physically and spiritually so that you shine as a leader. 

In short, we help you lead well and live well. 

Our courses are designed with you - the busy (just a little frazzled) but awesome manager in mind. Take a class. Take a course. You'll be so glad you did!