Transform Your Team by Kishshana Palmer

Transform Your Team

It's time to transform your team. And here's a starts with you! Grab your headphones and this free audio course I created just for you! 

What's included?

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Building A Team That Sticks - Summer 2019.m4a
16 mins

Helping You To Lead Well & Live Well

Kishshana & Co. advises organizations on how to recruit and retain a winning team, how to raise beaucoup funds for their mission, and for those who are new or haven't started, HOW TO START A NONPROFIT that gets funded. And we don't stop there! We make sure that you find time to take care of yourself - mentally, physically and spiritually so that you shine as a leader. 

In short, we help you lead well and live well. 

Our courses are designed with you - the busy (just a little frazzled) but awesome manager in mind. Take a class. Take a course. You'll be so glad you did!